Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wing Tutorials *updated! 12/10*

Wing is the name of the game this week. I'll post every single tutorial/helpful link I've ever come across, divided into categories based on material.

Sculpted Wings

*NEW* Very Nice looking Intermediate Wings:

Very Detailed:


Very Simple:

Wing Base Tutorial:

Dragon Wings: (long, but awesome)

Polymer Clay Fairy Wings:

Translucent Clay Wing:

Dragon Wings:

Simple Clay Wings (video) :

Intermediate Sculpey Wings:

Feather Wings

Wing Anatomy & Poses

Dragon Wings:

Fantasy/Angelina Film Wings,%20wigging%20and%20wings).jpg

Acetate/Printed Wings


Angelina/Fuseable Fiber Wings

Wing Templates

Dragonfly wings (scroll to bottom of tutorial)

Flutter Wings

Pre-made Wings

Other Wing Materials

Makeit & Bakeit Crystals:

Liquid Sculpey:

Liquid Sculpey:

Embossing Enamel:

Fabric/Paper: (PDF files labeled Wing at the bottom)

Liquid Sculpey/Silk:

Real Bug Wings/Cellophane:


Gemstone Powder (Powder Pigment)/Liquid Sculpey:

Fimo Gel (TLS):


Paper Mache:

WHEW! I think thats it! But if you have another linked squirreled away somewhere, feel free to share it!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Apoxie Sculpt FAQ

What is the difference between Apoxie Sculpt and Apoxie Clay?
Apoxie clay holds details better while setting up, whereas Sculpt tends to flatten out while curing, and can lose details. Clay is stickier when first mixed however. Here is a chart you may find helpful when deciding between the two:
Apoxie Comparison Chart

Should I wear gloves when working with Apoxie Sculpt?
Yes and no. Some people have reported having an allergic reaction to AS. Also you can develop an allergy from working with it over time...However the gloves are still up to you. If you discover it does bother your skin, then yes you should wear the gloves. Otherwise, its up to you. Sculpting is much harder with gloves on though. There is also a product called Windsor & Newton ARTGUARD that is a protective cream you can use to be able to work the apoxie without gloves and without the allergic reaction. (thanks to PoniesYeah for the tip!) Artguard can be purchased online here:

Is it supposed to be so sticky?
When first mixed, yes. It is very sticky at first! Most people will let it sit for a few minutes (10-30) before starting to work with it. You can use water or lotion on your fingers to help keep it from sticking to you though.

Apoxie wont hold shape for me....
Apoxie is very pliable, especially right after mixing. It is vital to let it set up awhile if you are trying to sculpt something that is freestanding, like wings. Also for most sculpting projects that stand out away from the pony, some sort of support is required. For wings a wire mesh frame is ideal, or a wire armature wrapped in tinfoil. There is a great tutorial that gives you an idea about how to support wings here:
Wire Mesh Tutorial

What about Fixit Sculpt?
Fixit sculpt is very similir to AS when cured, but has a more clay like texture and isnt as sticky and shapeless when curing. It also holds detail better. Ive personally never used it.

How much will I get out of the 1lb jar?
A LOT! I dont even know how many ponies I sculpted with my 1lb jar. You will be surprised how far that 1lb will take you!

Can you mix polymer clay into Apoxie?
Yes you can! If you mix 5 parts Apoxie to 1 part polymer clay it will slow down the curing time while adding color to the AS. People have had mixed results with HOW durable it is after curing, but it seems in general that it is at least as sturdy as baked Sculpey III.

Can you bake Apoxie?
Yep. If you have a project that requires both polymer clay pieces and Apoxie, you can bake the apoxie with no negative effects.

What are the differences between polymer clay and Apoxie?
Basically everything! Apoxie adheres better, is more durable and not does not require baking. It is a two part epoxy clay, which means it comes in two separate tubs and you must mix equal parts of each to start the curing process. They can both produce great results however. Apoxie is just preferred by many due to the fact that it is very strong when cured and holds great detail!

What can I use to smooth Apoxie?
Water is the easiest. Mineral oil can also be used. Some sellers also carry a product specifically for smoothing it, but I suspect its just oil. After curing you can sand apoxie to smooth it further.

Does Apoxie expire?
Unmixed it had a shelf life of 3-5 years. If you store it frozen, it will keep indefinitely.

Can you freeze Apoxie?
Unmixed, yes. It greatly extends the shelf life. Mixed, well, some say yes and some say no. Apparently it varies. Ive frozen some extra on several locations and had it keep for hours, even overnight and still be workable. Others haven't had such good luck.

Where can I get Apoxie?
Aves Studio or ebay. ^_^

Uh...It is supposed to smell like that? me it smells like Fritos. LOL

Are some colours less tacky than others?
Nope. They are all the same!

What colours does it come in?
Several, but white and natural seem to be the standard. Aves Studio's website has a list of all the colours it is available in.

Can it be painted?

Can it be dyed?
Yes it can. It seems to take the dye, but not as well as the pony itself.

Does Apoxie need to be primed before painting?
No, its fine to paint right on the clay.

How much should I mix at once?
I would start small until you get the hang of eyeballing it.

Ok thats everything I can think of relating to Apoxie Sculpt/Clay! If you want to know something thats not listed, just ask and I will do my best to find the answers!

EDIT: I found this and it made me laugh. Its also fairly helpful, so I wanted to share!

Apoxie Sculpt How-To:

Apoxie Fix-It How-To:

Where to Buy: Part 1

This is where I will post links to several places to purchase various items I notice people seem to often be looking for. If you are seeking any items NOT listed here or if you have a link to add to my lists, please feel free to contact me! ^_^

** The (ebay) or (arena) after the names indicates where this person is a member. You can contact them there to get these products.



PrincessFireFly (Arena member)

Morezmore (ebay) (AKA Piper)

Bubble bead:

ja*fairy*dew (ebay)

Swarovski crystals:

Fantasy/Angelina Film:

crystalvisionsbycolleen (ebay)

morezmore (ebay)

To be continued...


Ok, my hopes for this is to create a useful and frequently updated source of custom information. The intent is to help with all the questions that seem to be asked over and over on all the Customs forums. I will cover anything and everything, as long as its custom related. That includes hair colour matches, paint queries, techniques and even where to purchase supplies. I know several of these are touched on in Arena stickies, but hopefully by making it interactive and evolving, it will better cover these issues. Make sense? Lets hope so. I'm going to kick this thing off with some questions that seem to be fairly common and if you want more specifics just post, or drop me a PM at the Arena/TP or an email. I will more than happy to address, and even do a photo tutorial of, whatever it is you want to know! let's get started!