Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Miscellany...

This is stuff that, well....I'm not really sure how to classify! But its cool nonetheless and I think a lot of you guys will benefit from it. If you're interested in making custom bases for your customs then you will be interested in a lot of this stuff.

Slime Tutorials:
by Necroghast
by JakeSh
by Hirst Arts

Using Spice as Base Decor:
by Chrispy

Rock Tutorials:
by JakeSh

Barbed Wire Tutorial:
by Tinweasel

Snow Tutorial:
by wrestlerguy21

Gelatinous Cube:
by Hirst Arts

by Hirst Arts

Faux Water:
by Hirst Arts
by Hirst Arts
by Hirst Arts
by Hirst Arts

Cryo Tubes/Weird Science props:
by Hirst Arts
by Hirst Arts

by Hirst Arts
by Hirst Arts
by Hirst Arts

by Artisan's Edge

Energy "Blasts":
by Hellz-yeah
by Kyle Robinson

Steel Claws/Spikes:
by Kyle Robinson
by Jin Saotome

Bendable Tendrils/Tentacles (could be ooze or slime too):
by Kyle Robinson
by Jin Saotome

Painting Techniques *updated!*

Sames thing as the sculpting version.....Miscellaneous tips, tricks and techniques for painting. Mostly Advanced and Intermediate techniques, covering various effects. Hopefully helpful! I know I learned some stuff!

by Canopicdoll
by frenchkid
*NEW* by Lonewolf (Hobby->Paint Tutorials-> Page2-> Blood & Gore)
*NEW* by Games Workshop (Painting Articles-> Detailing-> Ogre Gore)

by JakeSh

by Artimis Vergadin
by wrestlerguy21
by Klute
by Hirst Arts
by Hot Lead
*NEW*by Lonewolf (Hobby-> Painting-> Lava Bases)

by lizcam

by daemon boy
by andygorn
by Hirst Arts
by Hirst Arts
by Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic

by mickc22
by Hot Lead

Metal Highlights:
by canopicdoll
by A. Imrie

Damaged Painted Metals:
by freakinacage

Glow/Force Effect:
by Tony Manero
by alexgrunt
by victoria
*NEW* by Brother Nimh (Hobby-> Painting-> Lightning Tut.)

Faux Painted "Notches":
by Klute

by ZaPhOd
by Chrispy
by brushguy
by Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic
by Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic
*NEW* Games Workshops Detail Tutorials

by steelcult

by Vulture

"Glass" Bottles:
Mini-Painting Guild (check their Tips section)

by Hot Lead
by Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic
*NEW*Bolter & Chain Sword. Check Hobby-> Painting Tutorials

by Hot Lead
by Hot Lead

Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic
*NEW* by Brother Nimh (Hobby-> Painting-> Lightning Tut.)

Games Workshops Check their Articles on Detailing.

Sculpting Techniques *updated!*

I figured I would keep on with this sculpting theme and post miscellaneous sculpting tips, tricks and techniques. This will cover pretty much any/everything. Hopefully most of it will help ya'll out! Most of this is stuff I've come across in my other searches of blog fodder. Enjoy!

Sculpting Veins:
by goregt
by goregt pt. 2

Sculpting a Broad Sword:
Polymer Clay Fan

Sculpting a Rocky Sea Base:
Polymer Clay Fan

Skin/Scale Detailing:
Alien Skin
Human Skin

Sculpting Hair:
Sculpting Short Male Hair
Sculpting Short Female Hair
Sculpting Long Hair

Sculpting Ram's Horns:
Polymer Clay Fan

Sculpting Musical Instrument (Fiddle):
Polymer Clay Fan

Creating Texture:
by Elvenwork

Sculpting Flame/Torches/Fire:
by Hirst Arts
by Hirst Arts
by Hirst Arts

Sculpting Wood Grain:
by Ogrebane

Sculpting Mushrooms (lol hey....someone might want to know):
by Temperance

by Zlobov*S
by hivetrygon (Hobby-> Modelling-> Chainmail

*NEW*Not really sure WHAT to call this...its like...a gem...bursting through...stuff...tutorial. But here it is, do with it what you will:
by John Thompson (Hobby-> Modelling-> Gems on Armor)

*NEW*Interesting Bases (could be cool if you wanted to make a little stand for a custom)
Bolter & Chain SwordCheck out their Modelling & Painting Tutorials under the Hobby Section

*NEW*Very interesting method used to reshape plastic in minis...It might could work for ponies too hmm:
Hobby-> Modelling-> Salt Dipping

Sculpting Clothing *updated!*

Sculpting decent clothing is a big challenge....one with very few tutorials, surprisingly. I did a lot of digging to find these links, and I still wish I could've come up with more....But here's what I found.

Very short, Picture only tut:

Basically Useless Video (lol):

Slightly More Helpful Video:

Helpful Tips on Basic Clothing Sculpting:

Short Tutorial about Skirts:

Long Tutorial (it covers a lot of topics, including clothes):

Quick and Helpful Tut w/ Pics:

Another Mini Tut. Show how to make a tri-fold hat:

Decent Draping/Folds Tut:

Pic-less Tut on Capes and Cloaks:

*NEW* Pretty Helpful Tut on draping and making a hood:

That's all I could find so far....But I'll keep on hunting and update here with anything I find.