Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sculpting Techniques *updated!*

I figured I would keep on with this sculpting theme and post miscellaneous sculpting tips, tricks and techniques. This will cover pretty much any/everything. Hopefully most of it will help ya'll out! Most of this is stuff I've come across in my other searches of blog fodder. Enjoy!

Sculpting Veins:
by goregt
by goregt pt. 2

Sculpting a Broad Sword:
Polymer Clay Fan

Sculpting a Rocky Sea Base:
Polymer Clay Fan

Skin/Scale Detailing:
Alien Skin
Human Skin

Sculpting Hair:
Sculpting Short Male Hair
Sculpting Short Female Hair
Sculpting Long Hair

Sculpting Ram's Horns:
Polymer Clay Fan

Sculpting Musical Instrument (Fiddle):
Polymer Clay Fan

Creating Texture:
by Elvenwork

Sculpting Flame/Torches/Fire:
by Hirst Arts
by Hirst Arts
by Hirst Arts

Sculpting Wood Grain:
by Ogrebane

Sculpting Mushrooms (lol hey....someone might want to know):
by Temperance

by Zlobov*S
by hivetrygon (Hobby-> Modelling-> Chainmail

*NEW*Not really sure WHAT to call this...its like...a gem...bursting through...stuff...tutorial. But here it is, do with it what you will:
by John Thompson (Hobby-> Modelling-> Gems on Armor)

*NEW*Interesting Bases (could be cool if you wanted to make a little stand for a custom)
Bolter & Chain SwordCheck out their Modelling & Painting Tutorials under the Hobby Section

*NEW*Very interesting method used to reshape plastic in minis...It might could work for ponies too hmm:
Hobby-> Modelling-> Salt Dipping

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