Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Paint FAQ

Just like the title we will be talking about paints. All kinds of crazy paints....but before we get started with all the MADNESS that I subject myself too, lets cover the basics:

What kind of paints should I be using?
Acrylics!!!!!!!! I cant state that hard enough...DO NOT USE ENAMELS! They will not dry and you will have one sticky pony. Thats not fun. If you have already made that boo-boo, you can try to seal the pony with Mod Podge, that might help. It will at least make pony unsticky lol. As for brand recommendations, I personally use and prefer Apple Barrel and Craft Smart (available at Micheals...for 50 cents). However there are many artists who use the higher end (more pricey) brands like Games Workshops, Testors or Warhammer. These are usually a couple bucks and come it MUCH smaller bottles that the previous mentioned brands. However it is up to you to decide what works best for you. I have never had a problem with the paint I use, so I dont feel the need to pay more for less paint. But thats my opinion. ^_^ You must choose your own custom path, little grasshopper. The important part is that whatever path you choose is one paved with acrylic paint.

(SIDE NOTE: I do feel the need to mention that there are a select few artists who have managed to use oil paints successfully (and quite beautifully) on their customs. Having never tried, I have no idea how to even go about that...but I felt that it needed mentioning, in case anyone wanted to experiment.)

Where can I find Color Change/Iridescent paint?

Gem Shift
Luminescent Acrylics
Golden Iridescents
Auto Air Iridescents
Auto Air Gem Chameleon
Killer Chameleon
Krylon Make-It-Iridescent

A lot of these products are available in auto part stores or craft stores.

Where can I find Glow In the Dark paint?
Glow Inc.
Glow Paint Pen
Rustoleum Paint
Super Starz Glow Paint
DecoArt Glow Medium (this is what I use)
DecoArt Glow Spray
Krylong Glowz Spray Paint
Plaid Glow Paint
DecoArt Glo-It

Most of these products are available in home improvement stores and craft stores.

What about textured paints?
Krylon Web-It
Krylon Make-It-Stone
Rustoleum Multicolor Texture
FolkArt Texture Paint
Anita's Fragile Crackle
DecoArt Weathered Wood
DecoArt Sandstone
DecoArt Crackle Medium
DecoArt Wrought Iron Texture
DecoArt Terra Cotta

How to create texture with non-texture paints?
Acrylic Texture Gallery
How to mix textured paint
Texture Mediums for Acrylic paint

What about snow paint?
Glistening Snow Tex
Ornamental Snow Tex
Original Snow Tex
Delta Fantasy Snow
(these next two arent really "paint" but they are snow...ish...youll see)
Art Glitter Faux Snow
Fake Snow Recipe

Whats a good glitter paint?
Craft Twinkles
Star Lite Topcoat
Duncan Sparklers
Krylon Glitter Sprays
Liquitex Liquigems

Ok well, thats all fine and good, but I want my custom to REALLY stand out! What do you have for me thats really crazy, but cool? (Why do i do this to myself?)

Liquid beads, A product which I find very intriguing. It is basically mircobeads and glass beads in an adhesive medium:
Liquid Beadz 1
Liquid Beadz 2

Reflective Beads...Have you ever seen a reflective sign that had a bumpy tons of little glass beads stuck to it? This is that stuff!
Rolco Reflective Beads

Pearlizing Medium, this stuff is GORGEOUS! When mixed with paint or a clear sealant it produces a stunning pearlescent sheen in a rainbow of colours. *thanks Airiel!*
Jacquard PearlEx

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